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NEW ALBUM: "The Long Road"
Go to iTunes and type in
"Rascal Martinez"
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 Upcoming Events:

3/28/14 LIVE @ Da Buzz Coffee Shop - 
North Platte, NE
3/29/14 LIVE @ The Garage - 
Sutherland, NE

4/1/14 TUX Night @ Hirshfelds 
4/5/14 PRIVATE Wedding @ Hawthorn 
Ogallala, NE

4/10/14 LIVE @ Linden Estates - 
North Platte, NE
4/11/14 REC TEEN Dance - 
North Platte, NE
4/12/14 PRIVATE Wedding @ Creek Side - North Platte, NE

What we do...
Rascal's Entertainment caters to All your needs. Whether you need a DJ, Karaoke Set, One man Band, or a Full 3 to 4 piece Band We have you covered. Rascal has the right equipment for the job. Be it Wedding, Graduation, and any other special occasion. Rascal is always willing to work with special events to make the event your's personal. Rascal's Entertainment also offers the sound system to cater for virtually any event. We at Rascal's Entertainment strive to do our best in serving our past, present, and future customers.

Give us a Call @ 308-386-6634
We look forward to seeing you!   
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